Review of IPBES Global Assessment May-July 2018

Announcement of the external review for the first order draft of the summary for policymakers (SPM) and the second order drafts of the chapters of the IPBES global assessment of biodiversity and ecosystem services. Deadlines for submission of comments are 29 June for chapters and 9 July for the Summary for Policy Makers.

This second external review is addressed to governments and interested and qualified experts, including scientists, decision makers, practitioners and other knowledge holders.

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Opportunity for early career experts “assessment of values” and “sustainable use of wild species” 2018

IPBES Fellowship Programme targets early career experts who wish to gain experience by participating in the work of IPBES. Expertise of candidates should match the needs of one of the two assessments below on (1) values or (2) wild species, and be in line with the themes and skills required in the chapters of their respective scoping documents.

Selected fellows will take part as authors in the chapter of the assessment they are selected for. They will attend author meetings and receive training to gain an in-depth understanding of the IPBES assessment processes. They will also be paired up with a mentor for the assessment period.

More information on the IPBES Fellowship Programme:

Contact IPBES i Danmark if you consider to submit your candidature.


 Nominering til nye IPBES assessments vedr. “assessment of values” og “sustainable use of wild species” 2018

  Der er deadline 1. juni 2018 vedr. nominering til tre nye IPBES assessments, der vil blive igangsat i 2018-2019:

  1. Methodological assessment regarding the diverse conceptualization of multiple values of nature and its benefits (now)
  2. Thematic assessment of the sustainable use of wild species (now)
  3. Thematic assessment of invasive alien species  (pending and invitation to nominations later in 2018)


Overvejer du at sætte din faglighed i spil på den globale scene og i en videnskabelig – politisk kontekst? Så læs mere om det specifikke call her:

IPBES opfordrer danske forskere og eksperter til at involvere sig i IPBES internationale arbejde.

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Review during May-June of five new biodiversity and ecosystem assessments from The Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

IPBES in Denmark is pleased to inform that the period for the external review of the second order drafts of the thematic assessment report on land degradation and restoration and of the four regional assessments (Africa, Asia-Pacific, Americas, and Europe and Central Asia) on biodiversity and ecosystem services, as well as the first order drafts of their Summaries for Policymakers is fast approaching.

This external and open review period for in total five new IPBES assessments and associated Summaries for policymakers will take place over eight weeks in two overlapping “windows” this Spring:

From 1 May until 26 June 2017 for:
The land degradation and restoration assessment. The three sub-regional assessments for Africa, Asia-Pacific and Europe and Central Asia

From 29 May until 24 July 2017 for:
The sub-regional assessment for the Americas

The IPBES assessments are multi-disciplinary and include e.g. economy, environmental science, biology, social science, cultural studies etc. Thus, all relevant disciplines are invited to participate. The review process of IPBES is open to all: scientists, experts, NGOs and other stakeholders. Further information on the review process will by available on these web pages: and

Read the full CALL from IPBES in Denmark here.