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Forfatter på IPBES-rapport Assessment of diverse values of nature

Mette Termansen
Mette Termansen miljø- og ressourceøkonom og professor ved Københavns Universitet. Hun har primært arbejdet med arealanvendelse relateret til miljø- og ressourceøkonomiske problemstillinger vedr. vand, klima, biodiversitet og rekreation.

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Forfatter på IPBES-rapport Invasive alien species assessment

Alejandro Ordonez Gloria
I am a global change macroecologist interested in understanding what drives the response of species and communities to environmental changes. I am also interested in ascertaining the consequences of such changes for natures contribution to people. My current work focuses on establishing how the human transformation of the Biosphere determines when, where, and how novel ecosystems are expected to emerge. Currently, I am involved with the IPBES thematic assessment on Invasive Alien Species, where I am a Coordinating Lead author of the sixth chapter focused on exploring future options and support tools for the prevention and management and control of invasive alien species.

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