Dear IPBES members, observers and other interested stakeholders, and in particular indigenous peoples and local communities,
The Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) is launching a “call for contributions on indigenous and local knowledge”, to invite Indigenous peoples and local communities from all over the world to support the three ongoing IPBES assessments:

  • The assessment of the sustainable use of wild species
  • The assessment on diverse conceptualisations of multiple values of nature
  • The assessment of invasive alien species

To read more about the call for contributions and to participate, please follow this link:

The IPBES Plenary, in decision IPBES-5/1, approved an approach to recognizing and working with indigenous and local knowledge in IPBES (available here)

Tidsfristen er 10. juli 2020.

Kontakt det danske IPBES-kontor hvis du vil have yderligere oplysninger: Koordinator, Lars Dinesen telefon: +45 9350 9570.