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Nordiske IPBES rapport offentliggjort

Nordic Assessment on the Nordic coastal ecosystems

The full reports of the Nordic IPBES-like Assessment has been launched. The assessment has its focus on the coastal ecosystems through an assessment of ten Nordic case study areas. The assessment includes Denmark, Iceand, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Greenland and Faroe Islands. One of the conclusions is that many biological values of the region are slowly recovering from very low values following past overexploitation and that the network of marine and coastal Protected Areas is important for preserving biodiversity and accompanying services in the Nordic region.

Among the pressures are chemical pollutants, eutrophication and plastics, which are affecting the coastal waters of the region and invasive species and infrastructure development also pose a serious challenge to coastal ecosystems.

Ongoing progress to clean up pollution and reduce eutrophication in rivers, lakes, coastal areas and open seas need to be continued and coastal resilience to rising seas needs to be enhanced, e.g. through nature based solutions. The Danish contributors were Jørgen Hansen and Preben Clausen Aarhus University, Anders Højgård Petersen and Neil Burgess University of Copenhagen, Eva Roth University of Southern Denmark, Michael Køie Poulsen Nordeco and Jan Sørensen, Faroes.

Please use following links to access volume 1, volume 2 and the Summary for policymakers

Volume 1

Volume 2

The Summary for policymakers

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