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Review: ‘Valuing Nature’s Contributions to People’ for assessment of Europe and Central Asia

Review of additional text of the regional assessment for Europe and Central Asia – but ONLY for already registered reviewers!

IPBES has opened a four-week period to review additional text on ‘Valuing Nature’s Contributions to People’, which will be added to chapter 2 on Nature’s contributions to people and quality of life of the Europe and Central Asia regional assessment.

During the review period of the second order draft of the Europe and Central Asia regional assessment, which ran from 1 May until 26 June 2017, reviewers pointed out that the assessment did not sufficiently address the valuation of nature’s contributions to people. To handle those review comments, the experts of chapter 2 drafted a new section as well as two appendices as supplementary material. IPBES would like to provide the opportunity to comment on this additional text.

This review of the additional text runs from 4 September until 2 October. All experts that registered between 1 May and 26 June 2017 as ‘external reviewer’ for the second order draft external review for the Europe and Central Asia assessment, as well as all National Focal Points are given the opportunity to participate in this review of additional text.

Reviewers and governments will need to first login to the IPBES website ( and subsequently will need to proceed to the page, where the additional text can be found.

The second order draft of the entire chapter 2 of the Europe and Central Asia assessment is also made available for context. However, please note that only comments on the additional text will be considered.

You are requested to submit your comments in English using a template that is available on the same webpage by 2 October. The filled in template needs to be sent to and

All relevant comments will then be addressed by the assessment authors for the finalization of the assessment report.

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