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Review: 5 Assessments – 4 on regions and 1 on land degradation and restoration

Review during May-June of five new biodiversity and ecosystem assessments from IPBES

IPBES in Denmark is pleased to inform that the period for the external review of the second order drafts of the thematic assessment report on land degradation and restoration and of the four regional assessments (Africa, Asia-Pacific, Americas, and Europe and Central Asia) on biodiversity and ecosystem services, as well as the first order drafts of their Summaries for Policymakers is fast approaching.

This external and open review period for in total five new IPBES assessments and associated Summaries for policymakers will take place over eight weeks in two overlapping “windows” this Spring:

From 1 May until 26 June 2017 for:
The land degradation and restoration assessment. The three sub-regional assessments for Africa, Asia-Pacific and Europe and Central Asia

From 29 May until 24 July 2017 for:
The sub-regional assessment for the Americas

The IPBES assessments are multi-disciplinary and include e.g. economy, environmental science, biology, social science, cultural studies etc. Thus, all relevant disciplines are invited to participate. The review process of IPBES is open to all: scientists, experts, NGOs and other stakeholders. Further information on the review process will by available on

Read the full CALL from IPBES in Denmark here.

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