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6th IPBES Plenary Assembly in Colombia, March 2018

6th IPBES Plenary Assembly in Colombia, March 2018

From March 17th-24th, 2018 the sixth plenary assembly of IPBES takes place in Medellin, Colombia.

The plenary assembly in Medellin is the annual meeting were all governments decide which way IPBES shall develop. This year will be important since a total of five international IPBES assessments will be presented and accepted: four regional assessments (Europe & Central Asia, The Americas, Africa and Far East and Oceania) and a thematic assessment on land degradation.

All these assessments are important documents for e.g. the Global Biodiversity Outlook and post-2020 targets of the Convention on Biological Diversity. In addition, the assessments are all followed be shorter “Summery for policy makers” relevant for regional and national policy making of governments, NGOs, business and other relevant stakeholders.

This year professor Carsten Rahbek of University of Copenhagen is participating in the IPBES plenary assembly in Medellin. The reason is that Carsten Rahbek is an official candidate for the Multidisciplinary Expert Panel (MEP) of IPBES. The MEP is the global scientific advisory body of IPBES. Carsten Rahbek candidate is supported by the Danish government. This year the Danish delegation also consists of professor Neil Burgess of University of Copenhagen and assistant professor Eva Roth of University of Southern Denmark, in addition to government officials and the Danish IPBES coordinator.

Find more info on the IPBES plenary assembly and IPBES in general, where all meeting documents and the news assessments are/will be available:


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