IPBES in Denmark together with SEGES and ICROFS/Univ. of Copenhagen invites you to participate in the first Danish pollinator symposium. The symposium will present current international and national research and evidence-based practical solutions for the maintainence, conservation and use of wild and domesticated pollinators with focus on Denmark and Northern Europe.

The symposium will be relevant for managers, decision makers, scientistst and student, in addition to conservationists, NGOs, land-owners and bee-keepers.

Find more information about the symposium, and register here.

We will have contributions from:

Lynn Dicks, University of East Anglia, UK

Lina Herbertsson, Lund Universitet

Björn Klatt, Lund Universitet

Ole Kilpinen, Dansk Biavlerforening

Claus Rasmussen, University of  Aarhus

Yoko Dupont, University of  Aarhus

Lise Hansted, University of  Aarhus

Anne E. Eskildsen, SEGES

Thor Hjarsen, IPBES i Danmark, University of  Copenhagen

Vibeke Langer, University of  Copenhagen

Carsten Rahbek, University of  Copenhagen

Environmental Protection Agency of Denmark

The symposium will be in English.